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Benefits for Federal and Postal Employees

 President Gene Kent 1-800-650-5368
Now there is something you can do to protect your paycheck!
* Employee Benefits
    -Federal Employees
    -Postal Employees
* Permanent Life Insurance
* Term Life Insurance
* FEGLI Saver
* Disability Insurance
* Disability Income Protection
* Life Insurance Quotes

Benefits provided by these and other A+ rated companies.

Individual Disability Income Protection Available to Federal Employees

Think about it.  Is there any greater threat to the plans you make for Yourself and your Family than the possibility of a disabling sickness or injury - one that could prevent you from working and earning a living for months or even years?

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Also Available... Life Insurance

The life insurance plan everyone's talking about - it can provide substantial insurance protection.

All of these benefit programs are offered through Payroll Deduction/Allotment.

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